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The Importance of Liking Yourself


Here’s a big question for you – do you like yourself?

Believe it or not, this really is a big question that you have to ask yourself. What I am aim to do in this article to explain why it is important to like yourself and what the consequences are of not liking yourself.

The Consequences of Not Liking Yourself

There is a very common link between people who suffer from depression and not liking themselves. You see, if you don’t like yourself, you begin to have thoughts of doubts where your mind will tell you that you don’t deserve to have the life you want. As these thoughts begin cloud your mind, you begin to feel that everyone around you is superior to you, and your opinions don’t matter at all. And once you reach that stage, it will seem difficult to see beyond the smoke.

As you go through this constant thought process, it will start to affect your daily life, whether it would be with your friends, family, relationships, or at work. The way you think about yourself will eventually reflect what your loved ones will think of you.

For example, when you are hanging out with your friends and they’ve started some casual banter. You will be greatly affected by some of the banter that is pointed in your direction. When you don’t like yourself, your mind will make you believe what your friends are telling you, even though it is harmless banter. And on top of that, you have difficulty of coming up with your own banter. The reason for that is if you don’t like yourself, how would you stand up for yourself?

It is no wonder why people who become victims of bullying have low self-worth and do not think highly of themselves.

Why Should You Start Liking Yourself?

By starting to like yourself, your whole outlook on life will begin to change. Although this change doesn’t drastically happen overnight, you will soon notice the difference in how you see yourself. Below shows three things that you will notice when you start liking yourself:

You Realise What Your Strengths Are.

When you start liking yourself, you will notice that you are accepting yourself as you are. This is not a bad thing because you become comfortable in your own skin. You notice what your strengths and weaknesses are and where you should apply yourself. (Hint: focus on your strengths).

You Don’t Depend on Others for Your Happiness.

One of the worst characteristic traits of not liking yourself is you look to others for happiness. The reason why this is bad is because you will come across as needy (or even worse, desperate). If you are needy, you will end up invading your loved ones privacy and you will certainly not look favourable.

By liking yourself, you will learn that you are responsible for your own happiness. This puts you in control, so you can gain confidence and self-respect.

After all, if you don’t know how to respect yourself, how can you respect others?

People Will See You Differently (in a Good Way).

Once you have embraced the way you are, you will have the confidence to improve yourself so that you go on to become a better person, whether it may be for work or self improvement. This shows that you can take care of yourself. But the best thing is; people will start seeing you in a different way. Your relationships with friends, parents, work colleagues, boyfriend/girlfriend will begin to get better. At the end of the day, if you take care of yourself, you can take care of others.

How to Start Liking Yourself.

Well now you know the consequence of not liking yourself and reasons why you should start. However, you may be asking how to love yourself. There is really good article on Lifehack which gives you 10 steps in how to love yourself. But here are my personal suggestions that you can use to start liking yourself, right now.

Forgive Yourself and Accept Who You Are

The first step you should take in starting to like yourself is to forgive yourself. When you do not like yourself, you are actually berating yourself on your weaknesses rather than admiring your strengths.

Practice Gratitude

Practising gratitude is great way to identify the positives of your life. It could be anything, like telling yourself that you are grateful to have a supportive friend, you are able to eat, or you have shelter. Anything.

It also encourages you to think more positively about your life as well. In fact, many psychologists have said that those who keep a gratitude journal, are more happier and productive. Click here to read a very insightful article of practicing gratitude.

How to Be Kind to Yourself (and Be Your Own Best Friend)

If you want to like yourself, you have to be kind to yourself. This will encourage you to take care of yourself better. You’ll begin to look and feel good about yourself by doing what you like to do.

Whether if it’s writing a story, reading that book, or watching your favourite film. It will even allow you to explore a wide range of interests such as painting, learning a language, and cooking.

I hope this article has given you the encouragement to begin your journey in liking yourself. We at Stepping Out providing a range of semi independent and social consultancy services that will help you get on your feet.

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