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Important Notice – LCH Vs Hertfordshire County Council

“Until February 2015, London Care Homes Limited (“LCH”) provided services to local authorities involving the provision of accommodation and care to young people in local authority care aged between 16 and 18.

Unfortunately, that business came to an end as a result of a series of inaccurate statements made by officers working for Hertfordshire County Council (“the Council”). LCH took legal action against the Council arising out of the unlawful termination of the contracts between LCH and the Council and the circulation of misleading information about the quality of services provided by LCH.

We are pleased to report that, following a mediation, the Council has settled LCH’s claim by the payment of substantial damages to LCH and have made significant contributions to the legal costs incurred by LCH.

Whilst there was no finding of liability in favour of LCH, this payment out of public funds is seen by the directors of LCH as a complete vindication of LCH’s actions”

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5 Essential Ingredients You Need to Write a Good CV


When it comes to making a good CV, the important thing to remember is that you have keep it short, sweet, and well laid out.

To give you a good idea what makes a good-looking CV, this article aims to explain the six essential ingredients that you need. Here they all are.

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Could Pets Be Crucial In Treating Autism?


Research shows that children with autism have stronger social skills when any kind of pet lived in the home.

The University of Missouri research highlights that dogs and other pets play an important role in individuals’ social lives, and they can act as social interaction catalysts for children with autism.

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