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Stepping Out has a variety of staff members spanning many different roles. Each one contributes in their own way to make Stepping Out the most reliable social care provider in the United Kingdom. Below, you can find our management team, all of whom operate from our head office in London.

About Us

Stepping Out is a specialist social care provider. We are recognised nationally for our outcome focussed semi independent living provisions, our robust children services and our bespoke adult care options.

The organisation provides education, training, housing and support to high needs, high risk and vulnerable client groups.

We are experts in child protection and are renowned for our preventative risk management plans. For years, Stepping Out has excelled in the prevention of offending behaviours and the safeguarding of young people.

We are nationally recognised for our work with young people posing challenging behaviours, sexually harmful behaviours, and an array of associated risks.

Clients We Support

We provide services for care leavers and adults with;

Challenging Behaviour, Mental Health Issues, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorders, Learning Disabilities, MAPPA cases, Sexually Harmful & Sexualised Behaviours,  Self-Harm, Suicidal Tendencies, Dual Diagnosis, Risk of Sexual Exploitation, Substance Misuse, Alzheimer’s and Early-Onset Dementia.

Where Do We Operate?

Stepping Out receive referrals from all over the UK and have an established outreach team. Our 24 hour staffed semi independent living projects are located throughout London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and surrounding areas.

Our ability to quickly establish semi independent living projects in new locations is a key factor in our successful relationships with a number of local authorities.



semi independent living

Our Semi Independent Living provisions consist of specialist 24-hour staffed accomodation for young people aged 16-18. These provisions cater to young people with complex needs and challenging behaviours.

This is a holistic accommodation-based service which aims to prevent and/or reduce negative behaviours in young people. The nature of Semi Independent Living also helps to equip young people with the life skills necessary to live independently.

Local authorities referring to this service will benefit from market leading communication initiatives, including our renowned risk management processes and of course our popular monitoring and reporting tools.

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youth justice


A combination of support and accommodation based services tailored to ensuring the prevention of crime and other justice related issues.

This service is catered to young people at risk of gang involvement and includes bespoke MAPPA support packages. These services can be combined with our bespoke regulated education and training programmes.

Alternatively local authorities, youth offending teams and probation services can opt to purchase our specific youth justice outreach services. Stepping Out has thorough and plentiful experience of successfully working on high risk MAPPA cases therefore we now offer our support in formulating bespoke risk management plans.


Individualised care and support packages for children and their families delivered in their own homes and in community based settings. This form of targeted support is particularly helpful to young children whom may have statemented educational needs, learning difficulties, physical disabilities or have an (ASD) autistic spectrum disorder.

This service is entirely bespoke and can be delivered at any location important to the young person to include schools, day centres and on their holidays.

family intervention

A holistic and personalised service set up to engage some of the hardest to reach families.

We utilise our experience in managing high risk challenging environments in order to reduce family conflicts, anti social behaviour and child poverty whilst offering support around employment and training. Our focus is to prevent the breakdown of family environments.

adult home care

Stepping Out are contracted to provide services to some of the largest authorities in the country. Our adult supported housing service is reliable, trustworthy and entirely bespoke.

We are able to offer personalised services to clients with early on-set dementia and other issues to include learning difficulties, and mental health. We aim to aid our clients regain lost skills and abilities and promote their independence and dignity.

social care consultancy

Stepping Out has years of experience in the social care industry. We provide consultancy services direct to local authorities, charities and third party organisations.

We work to ensure their internal and external policies are efficient and outcome focussed. We provide advice and guidance on various topics to include safeguarding, multi agency public protection and youth justice as well as general business related issues for example information technology, human resources and operation management.


Contact Us


Telephone: 020 8342 7217

Fax: 020 8348 4243


“Until February 2015, London Care Homes Limited (“LCH”) provided services to local authorities involving the provision of accommodation and care to young people in local authority care aged between 16 and 18.

Unfortunately, that business came to an end as a result of a series of inaccurate statements made by officers working for Hertfordshire County Council (“the Council”). LCH took legal action against the Council arising out of the unlawful termination of the contracts between LCH and the Council and the circulation of misleading information about the quality of services provided by LCH.

We are pleased to report that, following a mediation, the Council has settled LCH’s claim by the payment of substantial damages to LCH and have made significant contributions to the legal costs incurred by LCH.

Whilst there was no finding of liability in favour of LCH, this payment out of public funds is seen by the directors of LCH as a complete vindication of LCH’s actions”


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