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The 4 Noticeable Benefits of Doing Voluntary Work


Money is usually the main motive for working, so it’s understandable that voluntary work is not at the forefront of people’s minds. Yet, the only way you can get work if you have experience. It’s kind of a catch 22.

And here’s why:

If you do not have any work experience, your chances of finding work are very slim. Especially in London when there is a lot of competition out there. But if you don’t have any work experience in the first place, how are you met to find work?

A good answer to that is to gain voluntary work experience. You can gain voluntary work experience by asking different companies if you can help them out free.

Most companies will be willing to help you, although some may not due to insurance purposes. But fortunes will always favour those who continue to persist. Don’t forget, there are many charities and not-for-profit organisations who always looking for volunteers.

And when you voluntary work, you will notice these 4 significant, yet very noticeable, benefits.

1. Improve Your People Skills

When you are in working environment, you will need to speak to your colleagues in a polite, amicable and assertive manner. Voluntary experience allows you to start developing these skills because you will interact with a wide range of people. You’ll be talking to senior members of staff, co-workers and customers.

And by talking to these different individuals regularly, you get to build up and practice on your social skills. And by having more exposure to these settings, you get establish your own professional personality.

2. Gain Valuable Experience

Earlier in this article, I briefly mentioned that most employers are looking for candidates with experience. They want to employ someone who is able to quickly get his/her mark off the ground. With voluntary work, you are able to gain this valuable experience without having any experience in the first place.

It’s a win-win for both you and the organisation who you are volunteering for. You get to gain that experience and the organisation gets their work done.

3. Looks Good on Your CV and You Have a Reference.

Putting your voluntary work experience in your CV, will make it look it. In fact, it will make it look amazing. Any potential employer who looks at your CV and sees voluntary work experience will be very impressed. Voluntary work experience that is put down any CV will immediately show that used your initiative to get the experience.

Also, you can use your manager to where you are volunteering as your reference as well.

4. You Feel Great.

The final, and probably the most important, benefit that you will notice from volunteering that it will make you feel good. It is good to go out and meet new people when you are volunteering and it is great way to past the time.

Plus, if you are volunteering for a charity, it is a rewarding feeling when you give something back to the community that you are working for. And also, it keeps your mind busy and you learn new things along the way.

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