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How to Look after a Person with Dementia: An Overview

Dementia is on the rise in the UK. In fact, Research has shown that around 800,000 people live with dementia in the UK. with a 40% spike expected within 15 years. So, how do you look after a person with Dementia?

Dementia is an illness that can affect people in different ways, or with different combinations of symptoms, these include a person’s memory, reasoning and ability to communicate.

Whether it’s sticking to routines or working with positive memories, there are many ways that care workers can really help people with dementia and other mental illnesses.

Those who are caring need to understand that there is a still a person behind the condition, and put themselves in their patient’s shoes before they consider doing things that might be otherwise upsetting. Most would want to be cared for by someone who understands something about them and their particular likes and dislikes.

People living with dementia are likely to have a tough time at some point in their journey. It is therefore important to anticipate that anxiety and work alongside the person to help them feel safe and more confident.

Memories from the Past Become Important

The nature of supporting people will most likely involve an array of different people providing care. Responsibilities may be shared between trained professionals and family members.

It is extremely important that home care workers have additional time to form a relationship with their client and discuss specific permission rights with any other next of kin who may also be helping, prior to carrying out any tasks that may involve intimate and personal care.

For someone with dementia, what is happening now may remind them of their past; memories from the distant past become increasingly important as short-term memory is lost.

Care workers have to acknowledge this and work with the person within their frame of reference.

When caring for someone at home, it is helpful to keep to their routine and to leave the home environment unchanged. This enables them to continue living independently and accessing the things they need.

It is extremely important that all of these requests and issues are respected when caring for someone who suffers from dementia or any other type of mental illness.

For a more in-depth look at Dementia, and how to care for those who have it, check out our fact file on Dementia.

Semi-Independent Accommodation & Dementia

Stepping Out has always been prepared to help lighten the load on the UK mental health services and provide support to those who suffer from mental health issues. Including Dementia.

For years, Stepping Out has been providing semi-independent accommodation throughout North London & Hertfordshire to local authorities. Our facilities are staffed up to 24 hours a day offering a supervised group living arrangement focused on producing positive outcomes.

Assistance and help can be provided for those who suffer from a number of mental health issues. For more information on our semi-independent living services, please contact us.

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