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Stepping Out Revolutionizes Semi Independent Living Services With Gamification


As one of the UK’s most trusted semi independent living service providers, we at Stepping Out have taken a revolutionary step towards making semi independent living in the UK a more rewarding experience for support workers, and a more positive environment for those being supported.

Gamification is a process by which participants are rewarded for carrying out certain tasks or achieving certain goals. In this case, support workers will be rewarded for their efforts when it comes to producing positive outcomes for those being supported.

One Big, Positive Game

Stepping Out’s semi independent living service is trusted by numerous UK local authorities to support young people who need it, and engage with them in order to achieve positive outcomes.

It goes without saying that every case is serious in the eyes of Stepping Out, and at first glance, one may struggle to see where gaming can fit in.

However, with the introduction of gamification into the Stepping Out support system, support workers will be encouraged like never before to go above and beyond their call of duty, resulting in better outcomes for the young person under their supervision.

How Does It Work?

Levels, challenges, badges and points will play key roles around increasing the engagement of the Stepping Out workforce.

Rewards such as badges and points will be used to elevate employee status by showcasing their talents, expertise, and accomplishments. Naturally, these rewards can only be obtained by those fulfilling the rights and needs of the young people living within our semi independent living projects.

Competition is another technique that will be used. The desire to appear on a Stepping Out leaderboard drives “players” (or in this case, our support workers) to complete more tasks and excel in their duties. Without a doubt, this will fuel deeper engagement with the young people they support, thus ensuring that our young people receive the best support possible.

Koray Ismail, Stepping Out’s Relationship Development Manager, had this to say

“We are confident that Stepping Out will become the first semi independent and children’s service provider using gamification to drive better outcomes for young people. This approach will encourage support worker engagement, reward them for supporting young people, and in return ensure a happy and dedicated workforce.”

To find out more about our semi independent living services, or to enquire about the inner workings of the company’s gamification network, feel free to contact us.

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