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Young Offenders With Psychiatric Disorders: Is Enough Being Done?

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A recent report conducted by JAMA Psychiatry indicates that juvenile offenders appear to have higher risks of developing psychiatric disorders after being released from their detention centres.

Psychiatric disorders are prevalent among juvenile detainees. However, far less is known about the young people after they leave detention.

Karen M. Abram, Ph.D., of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, and co-authors looked at patterns of comorbidity (the presence of 2 or more disorders), how they change and develop over time and what the odds are that a young person with a disorder at detention will have the same disorder three and five years in the future.

The authors used data from a group of almost 2000 young people from a variety of ethnicities and races. They followed up their report 2 years after the initial one and then 4 years later.

Many Psychiatric Disorders First Appear in Childhood and Adolescence

Results show that around 5 years after detention, when the average age of the young people in the study was 20 years, nearly 30% of males and 14% of females had 2 or more psychiatric disorders.

In males, the most common psychiatric disorder profile was substance use plus behaviour disorders, which affected 1 in 6 males.

Among young people who had 3 or more psychiatric disorders at baseline, almost all the males and 75% of the females had one or more disorders five years later.

“Many psychiatric disorders first appear in childhood and adolescence. Early-onset psychiatric disorders are among the illnesses ranked highest in the World Health Organization’s estimates of the global burden of disease, creating annual costs of $247 billion.” The researchers noted.

“Only a concerted effort to address the many needs of delinquent youth will help them thrive in adulthood.” they concluded.

Semi-Independent Living Accommodation

Stepping Out has always been prepared to help lighten the load on the UK mental health services and provide support to those who suffer with psychiatric disorders.

For a number of successful years, Stepping Out has been providing semi-independent living accommodation throughout London, Hertfordshire and surrunding areas, to a number of local authorities.

Our semi independent living facilities are professionally staffed up to 24 hours a day, offering a supervised group living arrangement focused on producing positive outcomes.

For more information on our semi-independent living services, please contact us.

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